Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans Can Be The Right Addition To Your Home

high speed ceiling fan

There is a difference in the working principle of ordinary & power saving fansIf you want to purchase energy-efficient decorative ceiling fans, you should check out Polar’s website.

Ceiling fans are still the primary source of cooling in a tropical country like India. A good quality, high speed ceiling fan’s primary purpose is to circulate air and create airflow. 

An ordinary ceiling fan requires 75-80 W. Due to its elevated position and its ability to cover a larger portion, it requires greater power. There are many factors that determine the power utilization of a fan. But the rising utility bills can be a huge setback and requires you to find an alternate option that is affordable and comforting. 

Best Attributes Of Super-Efficient Ceiling Fans:

The best way to curb your electricity expenses is by carefully strategizing and charting down which appliances in your house run daily for long hours. Given the extreme heat and humid weather, it is impossible to cut down on the usage of ceiling fans. Today due to the advancement in technology, every home appliance has better features.  Manufacturers designed power saving fans with BEE technology to minimize electric consumption.  The standardization in the use of energy by ceiling fans have now become a boon for people from low and middle-income groups. 

Factors On Which Power Consumption Of A Ceiling Fan Depends Are:


  • Height of the Ceiling: For proper air-flow in every room corner, you need to previously check on the ceiling height. Accordingly, you need to choose the apt ceiling fans.
  • Age of the Motor:  Old fans run on motors that are not technologically upgraded. Therefore the price of old ceiling fans might be low but the power they consume is maximum.
  • Presence Of Dust On Ceiling Fan Blades: Continuous usage and improper maintenance accumulate dust particles on blades. This reduces fan speed. Clogged parts of the fan can be one of the reasons for increased power usage. 

The benefit of power savings fans is they help you by saving electricity, lowering the utility bill without compromising on the air delivery quality. The BLDC fan motors with micro-controllers save nearly 50% of the power.  It is however true that these fans are a little pricer than the regular ones. But if you want to save yourself from paying excess every month, it is better to make a genuine one-time investment. 

While purchasing the right ceiling fans, choosing a company that delivers quality products and has a good reputation is a must. A fan that scores in terms of style, design, function, and cost is the one you should install. The energy-efficient, low-cost ceiling fans by Polar Electric are easy to install and trendy in design. Avail quality products from the best electronic brand in the market.