Evaluating Energy Consumption of Ceiling Fans & Pedestal Fans

Ceiling Fans & Pedestal Fans- polarindiaCurrently, people are concerned about conserving energy. Polar’s most economical, power saving fans are here to lend you a hand in reducing electricity consumption.

Confused about how to lower your electricity consumption? Do you want to cut down on the carbon footprint to make the environment more sustainable? Select the most efficient power saving and most economical ceiling fans to reduce electricity usage.

Factors on Which Energy Consumption of Ceiling Fans and Pedestal Fans Depends:-

The electricity consumption of an ordinary pedestal fan mostly depends on the speed at which it runs. Usually, a pedestal fan consumes 50-55 W power. The factors on which the power consumption depends are:-

  • Size of the Fan:- The bigger it is, the airflow is greater. Hence electricity usage also shoots up
  • Design and Weight of the Blades:- Broader blades contribute to more power consumption. 
  • Speed Settings:- If you adjust your pedestal fans at the lowest setting, it will require the least time. So, naturally, the higher the speed the more cost you will have to bear.

A ceiling fan on the other hand requires 75-80 W. Due to its elevated position and its ability to cover a larger portion, it requires greater power. Factors on which the power consumption of a ceiling fan depends are:-

  • Height of Ceiling:- For proper air-flow in every room corner, you need to previously check on the ceiling height. Accordingly, you need to choose the apt ceiling fans.
  • Motor:- Old fans run on motors that are not technologically upgraded. Therefore the price of old ceiling fans might be low but the power they consume is maximum.
  • Presence of Dust on Blades:- Continuous usage, and improper maintenance accumulates dust particles on blades. This reduces fan speed.

However, if your fan uses a DC motor with brushless technology then the power consumption reduces efficiently. 

Efficient Use of Electricity:-

The best way to curb your electricity expenses is by carefully strategizing and charting down which appliances in your house run daily for long hours. Given the extreme heat and humid weather, it is impossible to cut down on the usage of ceiling fans. Moreover, these days pedestal fans have also become quite popular. The reason being, they are portable and concentrate the airflow to a limited place. Hence, you get maximum cooling, even more than ceiling fans. 

Today due to the advancement in technology, every home appliance is made better. Manufacturers too have felt this need and have designed power saving fans with BEE technology to minimize electric consumption. 

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