Bring Home Power Saving Ceiling Fans to Reduce Electricity Bills

polar power saving fansWe must all be aware of the power consumption of a ceiling fan. Since saving power is our focus, we will look into the alternative sources of being energy-efficient.

When the summer heat rises, and you can no longer bear it, lowering your AC temperature will be the first thing to cross your mind. But have you thought how much more you have to pay from your pocket? Don’t you want to save on your electricity bill? Have you considered purchasing Polar power saving fans instead? These fans are believed to be the best high speed, low cost, and energy-efficient ceiling fans in the country.  

Power Consumption Calculation:-

An ordinary ceiling fan in our home has a rated power of 75W. Now let us calculate the amount of energy consumed monthly. 

For example, consider using this 75W fan for 12 hours in a day. That means the power consumption amounts to (75*12) i.e 900-watt hour. If calculated for the whole 1 month, the ceiling fan alone will consume 27kWh of power. This equivalently converts to Rs 270 for the month. So, you can easily understand that for just one day turning on one ceiling fan in your entire room can make you invest 270 Rs. 

Factors On Which Power Consumption Depends:-

All the following factors play a crucial role in determining how much energy your ordinary ceiling fans are consuming. 

  • Air delivery rate determines the performance metric of your fan i.e its ability to reduce smoke, dust particles, pollen, etc. 
  • Fan blade radius: Here, bigger the better concept does not work. In Fact, smaller or thin blades will also be ineffective. For best airflow, your ceiling fan motor and blades should work in symphony. 
  • RPM (Revolution Per Minute) of the motor: Faster the blade spin more is the amount of air they move. So, keep in mind that for the correct airflow, the fan must be equipped with 5 different settings. 

Best Alternatives for Reducing Your Electricity  Bills:-

  • Did you know that energy-efficient ceiling fans can reduce up to 60 percent of your electricity bill? YES, it is true. To reach the energy usage norms set by the authoritative bodies, these ceiling fans use 
  1. efficient motors, 
  2. design blades of superior quality, and
  3. include LED lighting in case of decorative ceiling fans to reduce the watts. 
  • Always remember to switch your fans, lights, and other electrical appliances while you step out. 
  • Low-cost ceiling fans are not only an affordable solution but will also prove to a great companion to your AC. When both your AC and ceiling fan is operating, you can adjust the thermostat by 4 degrees. This will reduce your power consumption since both the appliances are working optimally. 

Polar India is the best place where you will find high speed, low-cost decorative ceiling fans according to your needs. Gear up to shop from the best brand in the market.