Get Fresh Air Every Corner With Two Exotic Pedestal Fans By Polar

Polar pedestal fans

Pedestal fans have been an essential life-saver during the hot summer months and so are Polar fans. This blog is all about two amazing pedestal fans by Polar. 

Summers tend to have a profound impact on our souls. It’s the time when we mostly buy an online pedestal fan for maximizing our comfort. However, before opting for a pedestal fan, there are certain things that you should know. Given below are two amazing pedestal fans that will make you want them immediately. 

2 Exceptional Pedestal Fans From Polar 

  1. Annexer MB Pedestal fan-White Maroon   

In the list of power-saving pedestal fans, this extraordinary piece deserves mention. With a range of benefits, this fan is extremely cost and energy-efficient. Some of its most popular qualities are:

  • It has a powerful energy-saving motor
  • Large, very strong metal base for stability
  • Rigid as well as sturdy aluminium blade ensuring durability 
  • Auto thermal overload security 
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • Exceptional air thrust along with air delivery 
  • Child proof guard
  • Telescopic height adjusting feature 
  1. Polar Annexer – R (High Speed) Fan in White – Mauve         

Another, very efficient fan from Polar is Annexer – R (High Speed) Fan in White – Mauve. This beautifully-designed pedestal fan also comes with a number of technological features: 

  • The larger and more powerful base for stability 
  • Height adjustment with telescopic technique 
  • Autothermal overloading protection
  • The perfect balance of air velocity and air thrust 
  • Child-proof guard                 

You can buy these fans at extremely affordable prices from your nearest Polar store. Besides, with such outstanding fans, you do not have to rethink the quality.     

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Good Pedestal Fan

When it comes to buying the best quality pedestal fan, there are some things one needs to consider:

Its portability 

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer pedestal fans over ceiling fans is their portability. You can move it effortlessly from one room to another. 

Fan modes 

Another important aspect is checking the fan mode. Make sure the fans have a technique for adjusting the blade speed. At present, some fans are also available with advanced features such as sleep and breeze mode. 


What’s a pedestal fan that is not multi-functional? It must have a remote control which makes its operation easier. Further, you can also look for a display that is found with electronic indicators. 


There are tons of pedestal fan sizes available in the market. Hence, it is important to select the exact proportion. To ensure this, check whether the fan has options like the engle and height. 


So, what are you waiting for? Make the wisest investment by buying Polar’s highly-innovative pedestal fans. They are the best pedestal fans at the best prices. Crawl to Polar’s website to get more information on the online appliance stores.