How To Solve Usual Mixer Grinders Defects? Simple & Easy Tips

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Online mixer grinders play an important role in the kitchen as well as at our office cafeterias. Know how to solve common mixer grinder problems.

Life now is so dependent on gadgets and automated technology that it is impossible to imagine working without them. The need for mixer grinders in the household is supreme. For all your grinding and blending purposes there is no alternative to the best mixer grinder. However, with constant use, your powerful appliance can become faulty and you may have lots of complaints. 

A mixer grinder is always multifunctional – from blending to mixing or making juices in the Mixer grinder juicer variety- a lot of functions can be done by a mixer grinder juicer alone. This facility is unavailable in traditional grinders. This multifunctional process makes it easier to do many activities with the same appliance.

Easy Ways To Fix Mixer Grinders Problems

  • Overheating Of The Grinder Jars: If you run the mixer grinder continuously for a longer time, you may find it overheating. This can happen due to the rotation and friction of blades. The friction leads to the generation of heat. This is bound to happen. You need to unplug the mixer grinder in this situation. Let it cool by keeping it aside for a while after switching it off. Remember to not use the mixer for long hours at a stretch. 
  • Sharpness Of The Blades Reduced: With time, it is completely normal for the blades to lose their efficiency. This has got nothing to do with how you use it. It is a common problem that almost everyone faces over a period of time. The most evident solution to the problem is to ask your mixer grinder manufacturer to change it. Another trick that you can try is to fill up the jar with rock salt and switch it on keeping the lids tightly closed.
  • Uncomfortable Mixer Grinder Noise: At times, you might hear your mixer grinder making noise. This can become very uncomfortable as whenever you turn your grinder on, this noise will not let you carry out your task. 

The best solution is to place the mixer grinder on a sound dampening mat or to add a soundproof mat to the mixer. 


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