Purchasing The Right Decorative Low Cost Ceiling Fans For Your Home

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It’s worth taking the time to research your options and choose the right power saving ceiling fans for your ceiling. Here is why the correct fan size matters

Today modern homes all have air conditioner units. The key is to find the right balance of comfortability that does not make the room too chilly or too warm. However, relying solely on AC units when the temperature is soaring can affect your bills way too much. Ceiling fans are cost-effective to cool your space. When choosing one fan among the best 10 best ceiling fans options available in the market, you need to be sure of its size. 

How Important Is The Size Of Ceiling Fans?

  • Understanding the size of the ceiling fans is important to experience complete comfort in your room. Inadequate sizes can be a mismatch. 
  • Small fans often sit flush to the ceiling, with a blade span that usually starts around 24 inches and can extend to 49 inches. Large ceiling fans on the other hand have a downrod for an 8 to 9-foot ceiling. Even longer downrods are available for taller ceilings. They can have a blade span that stretches up to 90 inches or more. 
  • Thus, with so many varied options available, you need to decide correctly the one that suits your room. When you do, you maximize your fan’s performance efficiency. 

What Are The Problems That You Might Encounter If You Select A Wrong Size Fan?

  • If you install a small fan in a large room, it will have to work twice as hard to keep you cool. This in turn will increase your utility bill, making you shell more from your pocket. The fan motor will burn out more quickly. This is rather inconvenient as you will have to replace it prematurely.
  • Conversely, a large ceiling fan may be too big in a smaller space.  Not only can this look aesthetically displeasing to the eye, but it will actually negatively affect the airflow. Moreover, decorative ceiling fans with large blades could also pose a safety threat if your ceiling is too short. Especially for industrial-designed models that use extruded aluminum blades.

Take A Look At The Approximate Sizes That Is Suitable For Your Room

  • 120 square feet or fewer: 44-inch blade span or smaller: 1,000 to 4,000 CFM
  • 120 to 200 square feet: 48-inch to 52-inch blade span: 3,800 to 7,000 CFM
  • 200 to 300 square feet: 56-inch to 60-inch blade span: 5,000 to 9,000 CFM
  • 300 square feet or more: 62-inch blade span or greater: 6,500 to 16,900 CFM

A fan that scores in terms of style, design, function, and cost is the one you should install. The energy-efficient, decorative low cost ceiling fans by Polar are easy to install and trendy in design. Avail quality products from the best electronic brand in the market.