Preventive Measures Taken By Polar to Ensure Safe Delivery of Products

Polar Safe DeliveryIn situations like these, people are panicking to get product deliveries. Read this blog to know how Polar is addressing this and handling packages.

India is standing amidst a huge crisis and people are panicking to touch anything. Even though online shopping has gained importance, clients are afraid to touch the packages as they are not sure how companies are handling them. We at Polar India are here to ensure that your packages are safe and sound. We handle them with extreme care and prioritize health over anything else. India’s most loved and cherished brand of home appliances is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your safety. Here are some preventive measures that we are taking to ensure the safe delivery of your packages

Steps Taken By Us:-

  1. Our delivery partner has a brief list of procedures that they have to follow before delivering any product. They also have complete guidelines which have strictly advised them to focus on customer’s health and safety. The delivery staff make sure to clean all surfaces that are constantly in contact with the human touch on the start and endpoint. 
  2. The courier guys have strict instruction to maintain at least a two-meter gap with clients. Also, they have guidelines for washing their hands frequently and always use an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after delivering the packages of best online electrical appliances. Delivery partners are also requested to stay at home if they feel unwell and get a medical checkup before coming to work. 
  3. Also, every staff working with us maintains safe distance with each and takes the basic precautions. They must wear gloves and masks before handling kitchen appliances online.  
  4. Every workstation and department are well equipped with enough sanitizers and masks. Also, we ensure frequent cleaning in every department and sectors. Each product and each package goes through vigorous cleaning and layers and layers of sanitization. We allow no one to be in direct contact with any of our products. The responsibility of cleaning and sanitizing are in the hands of professional experts. Since experts are in charge, there are no gaps in the procedure. One of the major steps they are taking is disinfectant fogging. It is also a common cleaning practice. This adds to the already existing excellent procedure of cleaning.
  5. Also, we ensure that the vehicles that carry the products are completely safe and sanitized. They go through a germ check which guarantees that they are germ-free.  We also screen every person that is responsible for handling and delivering products to make sure that they are safe. 


These are some steps that we are taking to prevail in the safety of packages. Also, since we prioritize you and you prioritize safety we decided to extend the warranty of products. Please stay safe at home. We are all in this together.