What Are The Common Electrical Faults & Their Ultimate Solution?

Electric appliance problems

Electrical faults are common in Indian households. From low cost ceiling fans to mixer grinders, each appliance has to deal with it. Know the reasons behind this.

Do you ever think why your best mixer grinder suddenly stops working? While most of the time the problem lies within the appliance, sometimes electricity also plays the game. Wiring can get out of date and circuits may not provide the current electricity supply. 

Common Electrical Wiring Faults With Their Solutions 

  1. Electrical surge 

This can happen due to improper wiring in the house or when lightning strikes. Further, it may also happen due to faulty appliances or ruined power lines. Surges are very common and may last only for a second. However, when you experience frequent electrical surges, it may result in equipment damage. 

The solution is to check the device connecting to the home grid or the wiring. Additionally, try to disconnect the bad quality powerboards from the outlet. 

  1. Power dips and sags 

Both dips and sags generally take place when you have a faulty power supply. It may also happen when electrical appliances are connected to a faulty line. In some cases, it may also happen when the grid has low-quality raw materials in it. Hence, when you have power sag and dips, it will draw more power whenever you switch it on. 

  1. Overloading 

Sometimes your light fixture may have a bulb or other fitting that has high watts as compared to the design fixture. Since this is a code violation, the risk level is too high. Moreover, the high heat from the bulb will melt the insulation found in the wires and sockets. 

This leads to sparks from one wire to another which eventually leads to electrical fires. Even when you remove the bulb, wires and sockets will still be prone to damage. 

  1. Tripping circuit breaker 

When you use a high-power consuming item before putting on the plug, there is a risk to get it tripped. However, tripping is not a very preferable situation for our electrical appliances. Hence, check the reasons which cause tripping and opt for a low setting. Users will be limited to a single circuit. 

  1. Gleaming lights 

Houses that have frayed wiring may often experience a short circuit whenever it’s windy outside. It is no code violation but it may have a higher risk level because it can start a fire. During such situations, try to consult an electrician immediately and replace the Weatherhead. 


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