How To Increase Ceiling Fan Efficiency By Installing Them Safely?

Polar Ceiling fan

Did you know that installing your high speed ceiling fan is equally important as buying them? Read this blog and know how to install a ceiling fan efficiently. 

The proper space, as well as location, determines the efficiency of a ceiling fan. The effectiveness of low cost ceiling fans is their necessary thermal comfort, quietness and performance.  For the increased efficiency of a ceiling fan, one must take into account certain factors. To know about them, continue reading. 

Ceiling Fans Installation For Safety

  • Your ceiling fan must possess a mounting height of at least 7 feet to avoid any accidents. Especially, which take place due to clashing with fans. The side clearance of these fans must be no less than 18 inches for a smooth rotation. 
  • Additionally, as per the industry standards, their top clearance must be at least 8 inches for avoiding ceiling fan starvation. It generally reduces the colling effect for people. If you have a ceiling fan space of fewer than 9 feet in height, then it might be a problem. Because it is safer to opt for low-profile ceiling fans instead of ones having a downrod. 

Installation  Of Ceiling Fans For Better Performance

  • To improve the ceiling fan’s performance, it is important to choose the right mounting size that is significant. Further, choose them according to the fan’s span size. The perfect mounting height for a fan must be between 8 to 10 feet. 
  • When talking about side clearance, the ideal distance is 18 to 36 inches. Moreover, for a typical 48 inches ceiling fan, it is 24 inches. Not only does it enable proper air circulation but also offers voluminous airflow. 
  • The rule of thumb for top clearance is 0.2 times the span size of your fan. Besides, each ceiling fan must contain at least 8 inches distance from the ceiling to the fan blades’ rear face. For a 48-inch fan, the perfect top clearance is 12 inches or more. 

Installing Ceiling Fans To Prevent Restricted Airflow 

In addition to the distance from floors and ceilings, fan placement should also look out for other obstructions. There can be various limitations in a space such as furniture, storage racks and equipment. All these can decrease the airflow efficiency of a ceiling fan. 

Ceiling fan installation in a space with high as well as wide obstructions must be careful. These should follow at least 3 feet distance in mounting height. Further, the side clearance should be from the tallest and biggest obstruction.


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