What Are the Easiest Ways to Clean A Ceiling Fan For Better Functionality?

Easy Tips to Clean Ceiling Fans

Let your house be a reflection of the finer things in life. Add decorative high-speed ceiling fans to your house. Here are some cleaning hacks for your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are common appliances present in every home. The extreme heat and humidity in summers can disrupt your peace of mind. Hence to maintain your cool and smooth running of errands, comfort is very important. Today, it is impossible to live without super-efficient, power-saving fans. These fans not only range high in terms of functionality but also contribute to energy consumption.

Why Is Proper Cleaning of Ceiling Fans Important?


When you do not maintain and clean your ceiling fans. It accumulates all the dirt, grease and reduces the appeal of the whole room. Other than the look, the dirt will disrupt the proper working of your ceiling fans. It can make the fans wobbly, noisy, and eventually lead to mortar failure. You never know this can cause some sort of mishap or accident. Therefore it is very important to frequently clean your ceiling fans for trouble-free performance. 


Easy Maintenance Tips For Ceiling Fans That You Should Follow:-

Cleaning ceiling fans can seem like a mammoth task but once you have the right knowledge and appliance, you are all good to go. Some words of caution are: switch off the fan, cover your nose and mouth while cleaning, wear eye protectors to prevent dust falling in your eyes. 

  • Long-Handled Duster:- If you are someone who follows a strict cleaning ritual, then a long-handled duster will come in handy while cleaning ceiling fans. Cover the area below the fan with tarp sheets to collect all the dust and grim. Stat first by cleaning the canopy, then slowly move towards the fan motor cover. When you clean the blades, make sure you move the duster from one rod to another and keep repeating the process on other blades. 
  • Vacuum Cleaner:- To make sure your ceiling fans are clean, you need the best cleaning appliance and nothing can beat a vacuum cleaner. It should have a wide and flat dusting attachment for a clean sweep. Step up a ladder or a stool, provided you have a person to watch out for you. Run the brush attachment across the blades of the ceiling fans. You can also use a wet rug to clean off the dust, in case you feel the fans need a second round of cleaning. 

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