Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting: Easy & Affordable Solutions

High speed ceiling fan

Drive away major ceiling fan problems with easy solutions. Read the blog to know about how you can get fully functional ceiling fans. 

We all are familiar with some common problems that come with high speed ceiling fans, but how do we address them? If not, do not worry as we have some quick solutions to help you out. 

Some common ceiling fan problems are noise, wobbling, drooping blades, humming, etc. If your fan has any of these issues then tackle them as soon as possible. It will also help you prevent anything bigger from happening. Let us address some common ceiling fan problems.

How To Tackle Drooping Fan Blades?

The blades of the ceiling fans If your high speed ceiling fan blades are sagging or drooping, you usually can’t determine a solution until you find out why they’re sagging in the first place. If you have no clue what the problem is, try the following actions in this order:

  • Make sure the fan blades have firm attachments to the brackets by tightening the screws
  • Do the same thing with the fan brackets where they are attached to the fan motor
  • Remove each blade one at a time and flip them over so that the underside is now facing your ceiling
  • Replace the blades with sturdier options

To hold ceiling blades together, screws come to use. In fact, each blade has 3 screws and when these become loose, it leads to sagging. So, the simple fix to the problem is to tighten the screws. Most people can do this even without any mechanical ability, because all you do is take a standard screwdriver, stand on a step-ladder and tighten the screws.

Finding Solutions For Wobbling Ceiling Fans

Decorative ceiling fans might be the best addition to your home. But safety issues should be your top priority at every instant and wobbling ceiling fans can pose a grave threat. This can be a case of loose screws, bolts, etc. So, the first thing you need to do is fix these screws. If the blades are bent and are no longer in a proper condition, then it can cause your fan to wobble too. So, instead of trying to fix the blades, replace them with decorative ceiling fans which will also add zest to your room. It can also wobble if you hang them on the normal electric box which is having a problem supporting it. So, always go for an outlet box which is particularly for ceiling fans. 

Non-Functioning Power-Saving Ceiling Fans

A perfectly functioning fan will stop working suddenly. The first and foremost thing you need to do here is to check the circuit breaker for a trip. Also, do not forget to take care of the safety purpose. Since it is a very noticeable issue many people choose to ignore it. If there is no problem with your circuit breaker, then see if the fuse blew away. In that case, change the fuse or restart the circuit breaker. If none of this works, start analyzing the place where the reverse switch is. If all of this fails then it might be a wiring problem and you need an electrician to take care of it. 

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