Common Ceiling Fan Issues Which You Can Repair

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The most underrated appliances in our house and office definitely are low cost ceiling fans. If you have got a fan then, there will be some common ceiling fan issues.

Decorative ceiling fans have the potential to provide us with an essentially cool breeze. On a hot, summer day, a ceiling fan just goes on and on. As a result, there are chances of its wear and tear just like any other electrical appliance. Here are some tips that will save your ceiling fan from hazards. 

Some Common Ceiling Fan Issues Along With Their Solution

  • Blown motor capacitor 

Reason: Blown motor capacitor is a common reason because of which your economical ceiling fan does not pin. Further, the motor capacitor simply gets burned out owing to overheating or age. However, the chances of burning motor capacitors may increase when your ceiling fan is way too old. 

Solution: there is a single solution for this problem which is to replace the motor capacitor. You can either do it by yourself or seek the help of a professional. For checking the motor capacitor, you will first have to remove the fan’s motor housing. 

  • Broken flywheel

Reason: broken flywheel, although rarely, can also be a cause of a broken ceiling fan. In certain models of ceiling fans, the blades have attachments to a rubber flywheel. Owing to constant usage, the flywheel can become brittle and weak. This further, causes it to break. In such cases, the motor might still be operating but the blades may stop spinning. 

Solution: The solution to a broken ceiling fan is replacing the flywheel. This is possible only with the help of an expert. 

  • Frozen bearings

Reason: Thirdly, a very common reason that a ceiling fan doesn’t spin is a frozen bearing. For any possible reason, the bearings inside the motor may have got frozen or stuck. Further, it will not allow the blades to spin. Even when you try moving them with your hands, they would simply stand still.

Solution: Exactly like other ceiling fan parts, you can easily replace the bearing. However, for getting an overall better result, experts recommend changing the ceiling fan completely. 

  • Check the power 

Reason: Power failure or issues with the power button can also be a reason that a ceiling fan won’t rotate.

Solution: always make sure that the ceiling fan receives power to run. You can always optimize a multimeter to inspect its continuity or simply call an electrician. 


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