Finding The Best Power Saving Fan For Your Home: Essential Facts

low cost ceiling fans

Did you know that power saving ceiling, table, and pedestal fans bought online can reduce up to 60 percent of your electricity bill?  Want to know more? Read on.

If you want to beat the summer heat, your best option is to trade your existing ordinary fans for high-speed, energy-efficient ceiling fans. Constant air-conditioning has adverse health effects and will take your electricity bills sky-high. So, if you want to save your hard-earned money, it is important to understand how a power-saving ceiling fan can be your best friend. The rising demand for such low-cost, powerful ceiling fans is due to their exceptional functionality. 

Recently, there have been questions regarding which is more cost-effective among ceiling fans, table fans, and pedestal fans. Also, customers want to know which is more efficient in terms of performance, quality, and energy-efficiency. 

Table Fans: 

  • The table fans have a single-induction motor which is its central unit. When the fan is switched on, the electric current reaches the motor of the fan and consequently reaches the wire coil wrapped around its core. With this, electricity generates and the blades start rotating. 
  • Table fans work best when the airflow is for a specific area like over our study table, or in the garage, etc. Table fan manufacturers in India, feel that over the years, the sale has been increasing due to its affordability and improved features. Since these fans do not require floor space, they come in handy on occasions where there is a space crunch. 

Pedestal Fans:

  • In pedestal fans, an electromagnetic field develops  in between the rotor and stator because of the electrical potential which causes the rotor to spin. It provides power to the fan causing the blades to spin and circulate airflow. Usually, these consume 55watts of electricity. 
  • Pedestal fans are standing fans that cover a lesser area in the room and are portable options. These are the most important reasons which make ceiling fans high in demand. 

Ceiling Fans:

  • Air delivery rate determines the performance metric of your fan. An ordinary ceiling fan in your home has a rated power of 75W. It is available in various sweeps and the area it covers depends on the ceiling fan model and capacity. 
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fans use only 45-50Watss of energy which makes them an efficient choice among customers. With new-age technologies and improved features, saving your electricity bill will no longer be a problem. 

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