Some Intriguing Facts About Ceiling Fans that You Might Not Know

High-Speed Ceiling FanCeiling fans are undoubtedly the most power-saving fans but some facts about them are unknown to many people. Read to know more about them.

This is the season for air-conditioners and ice-creams. The summers are in full swing as the temperature keeps rising. But, with the outbreak of coronavirus the finances of people are facing a major crisis. They are afraid to use air-conditioners as the electric bills might go up a ton. This is where the traditional power-saving fans come to use. Yes, we are talking about the good old ceiling fans which you can find in every building of Kolkata. No, we are not here to enlighten you on the uses or benefits of ceiling fans as you are already aware of them. We will do something interesting in this blog. In this post, you will learn some interesting facts about ceiling fans while we bust some myths about them.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ceiling Fans:-

  • Ceiling Fans Do Not Cool the Room:-

    People think that ceiling fans make a room colder whereas, in reality, it is the opposite. In fact, ceiling fans heat the room. The reason behind this is the basic rules of physics. The motors of fans are electric devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The output is heat. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the heat from the warm room goes into the cold room which gives the feeling that your room is cool. Hence, ceiling fans do not cool your room. You can get low-cost ceiling fans from anywhere.

  • Ceiling Fans Cool Our Bodies:-

    Yes, these fans usually work in cooling people. This is because it moves the air over our skin sometimes which cools us. If the airflow does not get in contact with anyone’s skin that means they are cooling nothing. 

  • CFM Determines the Efficiency of A Fan:-

    CFM or cubic feet per meter helps you in determining the efficiency or efficacy of a ceiling fan. It is the amount of airflow you get for the electric energy that goes in. You can easily find the CFM of most economical fans in the boxes.

  • The Larger, the Better:-

    Nowadays, there are so many models of ceiling fans that it becomes hard for us to decide which fan to buy? But, when it comes to ceiling fans- the bigger its length, the better it is. This is because fans who are bigger in size have long blades that generate more airflow. The short-blade ones are good as decorative ceiling fans. So, if you want a fan for decorative purposes then go for it. 

  • More CFM On Medium Speed:-

    When it comes to ceiling fans, the lower the speed the more efficient it is. If you keep the fan at medium speed then the CFM generation will be higher. As a result, air circulation will be more. 

  • A Ceiling Fan Can Cut Your Head:-

    Well, some people think that ceiling fans can decapitate you. Yes, it is true but only if you change the motor and replace it with a stronger one or change the blades into something sharper.

These are some interesting facts about ceiling fans. If you want to get the most high-speed ceiling fan then check out Polar India’s range of fans.