Choose the Right Direction of Ceiling Fans for Different Seasons

Ceiling Fan - PolarIndiaCeiling fans should rotate different ways in different seasons. Read this blog to understand more about the direction of this power-saving fan.

Every building and household in India has ceiling fans for one reason- to keep things cool. Indian summers are gross and humid. It is almost next to impossible to survive without a ceiling fan in this tropical country. Believe it or not but we need ceiling fans in the winter as well. Well, yeah we have air conditioners but they are an expensive option and the electric bills are expensive also. Therefore, ceiling fans are a smart choice. They are not only cost-effective but one of the most power-saving fans available out there. But, do you know that your ceiling fans should rotate in different directions in summers and winters respectively? This helps in adjusting the temperature in a better way. Continue reading this blog to understand more about this subject.

Since the matter is really confusing, people can easily forget about the direction. Here are some questions and answers regarding the same that will clear all your confusion.

What Should Be the Direction of Ceiling Fans During Winters?

During the cold winter seasons, your ceiling fan should rotate clockwise. This is because it helps in forceful convection which warms your home and gives you a cozy atmosphere. This can work perfectly if you do not have a fireplace in your home. 

How Does A Ceiling Fan Work In Heating the Room?

It helps in the factitious transmission of heat with the help of fluid currents. This can only happen if your ceiling fan rotates in a clockwise direction. We all are aware of the basic physics of how heat rises above the ground. Cold air is denser than hot air. This is why when a ceiling fan rotates in a clockwise direction, it circulates warm air by pushing the cold air towards the ceiling. This makes the room warmer and pushes the cold air out of the room. 

What Should Be the Direction of Ceiling Fans During Summers?

An ideal ceiling fan should rotate anticlockwise during the summer season. It helps in creating an airflow that moves downward. This breaks the chain of stagnant, foul, and warm air which in turn cools you down. You will get many types of high-speed ceiling fans in the market but you should work on picking the best one. A good ceiling fan will last longer and you do not have to replace it for months. Therefore, be careful while you choose a ceiling fan for your room. 

How It Cools the Room?

This is a myth. A ceiling fan does not actually cool a room but instead, it heats it. Again another basic rule of physics-it converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. While the room temperature remains the same, it actually helps in cooling people. This is because when the air touches your skin, you feel a natural cooling sensation. 

If you want to change the direction of your ceiling fan, then consult an expert or do it yourself by reading the instructions carefully. You can get low-cost ceiling fans at amazing prices from Polar India. They manufacture the best decorative ceiling fans in the country. Visit their website for more information.