How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

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Do you want your ceiling fans to work perfectly all throughout? Then, buy ceiling fans in India from the best brand and allot time to deep clean them. Here are a few tips for you.

Ceiling fans are the most popular appliance in every Indian household. The tropical weather of the country calls for its excessive usage with the fans spinning every hour of the day in the summer months. It makes the room fresh, airy, and comfortable. 

Whenever there is any problem regarding the proper working of the ceiling fans. The only thing that we do is go to buy another high speed ceiling fan to replace the old ones. But do you know that negligence in keeping the ceiling fans clean can lead to its slowing speed or effective functioning? Yes, it is true that the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grease can make your ceiling fans useless. 

Every appliance needs maintenance and deep cleaning after a regular interval of time. If not given its due cleaning, a ceiling fan not only looks awful but humming noise, wobbling, and motor failure. What could be done with a little effort will later require you to spend double the money if the fan completely becomes dysfunctional. Thus before the blades get covered with dirt and you get to experience a wave of dust when switching the fan on, it is better to clean it with easy solutions. 

Tips To Clean A Ceiling Fans:-

  • Cleaning With A Wet Cloth:- Use a high chair or ladder to reach up to your ceiling fan. Clean up your fan by wiping the blades with a wet cloth soaked in the soap solution. After wiping with the solution, you can once again use a cloth to double clean with only water. This will remove the dust and make your ceiling fan shiny again. 
  • Cleaning With A Vacuum Cleaner:- If you have a vacuum cleaner with a flat and wide dusting attachment, you can easily clean your ceiling fan without much hassle. Run the brush attachments across the blades in one direction gradually. Repeat the process with all blades and see the result yourself. 
  • Cleaning Using A Long Duster:- This method is a little messy but gets the job done perfectly and does not require you to use a ladder. Lay down a sheet underneath your fan and the nearest areas such that the dust does not ruin your beddings or floor. Hold up the dust broom and start swiping the dust off by moving the duster from one end to the other. 

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