Step By Step Guide To Iron Your Shirt And Trouser Perfectly

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With summer setting in, we are sure you are planning to buy the best iron in India for ironing all your cotton and linen clothes. Learn how to iron your shirt and pant perfectly.

A few years earlier, ironing a shirt was an integral part of laundry. After washing, starching, drying the shirt, spraying water on it for better ironing was an important step. With the advent of the permanent press, ironing became a lost art through the 1990’s and early 2000’s. However, the popularity and comfortability of natural fabrics have been the key ingredients in returning people back to ironing boards for a much more polished appearance. Electric iron manufacturers in India are always in business as irons are a must in every house, no matter how much you invest in dry cleaning services. 

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What Should You Choose: Pedestal Fans Vs Wall Mounted Fans?

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The evolving technology can definitely make you confused while purchasing a fan. The common question in your mind can be- ‘which fans should I buy?’ Here are some tips for you.

Fans are an essential part of any home and they provide a quick solution for easy cooling. When you are purchasing a ceiling fan for your living or dining room, it is not much of a hassle. You know from the very start what you want, the style, the features, etc. Thus, finalizing one does not require much speculation. However, when picking a fan for smaller rooms, there are certain confusions due to the multiple options available in the market. Ceiling fans are always the minimum requirement in a room but to add to the comfortability, you can choose pedestal fans. But when space is an issue there is nothing better than wall-mounted fans. 

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Enjoy Excellence In Every Spin: Powerful Decorative Ceiling Fans

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Choose the perfect ceiling fan design for your home interiors. Shop online for an extensive range of decorative ceiling fans, high speed fans for your home and office space. 

If you are thinking that your ceiling fan is the only outdated object in your newly renovated home, we suggest you think again. 

Ceiling fan manufacturers in India now design modern decorative fans that are perfect for contemporary homes. It is easy to underestimate the value of ceiling fans as a decorative element as we only think of traditional age-old designs. But innovation and advancement, have come a long way.  And finding a ceiling fan that ticks all the right boxes in terms of functionality and style is not difficult anymore.   

Some Tips To Choose The Right Decorative Ceiling Fans For Your Home:-

  • If your modern home has a lot of steel or metal finish, you can choose a ceiling fan that has chrome or nickel finishes. This will enhance the metallic accent of the space and bring its superiority. 
  • If you prefer minimalistic decor and your house runs on that theme, we suggest you purchase high speed ceiling fans that have a single color. You can color contrast in this scenario. For example, if you have a white-themed or a beige-themed decor, you can add a jet black ceiling fan for contrast. This will bring out both the colors perfectly and make it look vibrant. 
  • For industrial style decors, you can select ceiling fans that have the retro touch to them like wire detailing or intricate designs on their long blades, etc. 
  • The transitional decor is a fluid style with a crazy mix of traditional as well as modern touch and color schemes. Choose ceiling fan designs with metal etchings, pull chains, halogen lights to your living room if it’s very spacious or your dining hall. This will add glamor and a luxury feel to your rooms. 

How Ceiling Fans Make You Feel Cool In The Summers?

Air conditioners are the most common choice for people who want to escape the extreme summer heat and humidity. But are they economical? NO. The electric consumption is huge in ACs and is not an affordable option for most Indians. 

So, if you want to stay cool and also keep your utility bills in check, there are nothing better than low cost, power saving electric ceiling fans. Your body can cool itself in a number of ways among which evaporation is the most common method. So when you switch on your ceiling fan, the moving air will make you feel much cooler by boosting the process of evaporation. It helps in increasing your body’s evaporation rate, making all the sweat and also, perspiration vanish leaving you cool and fresh. 

You can purchase High speed, decorative ceiling fans from Polar Electricals that are unique and stylish in design and also have a great cooling capacity.

Facts To Know About Ceiling Fans: Their Efficiency And Functionality

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Buy online decorative, low-cost ceiling fans to bring home superior style and enhanced comfortability. Read to know some important facts about your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are an essential addition for every living space starting from residential spaces to offices. It gives you a comfortable breeze and boosts airflow that creates a cooling sensation. Today if you go to the market, you will find endless options of ceiling fans from high speed ones to the much-hyped decorative ceiling fans. While the underlying purpose of buying ceiling fans remains the same, each of these variants solves a specific purpose. 

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Useful Tips And Hacks For Maintaining Ceiling Fans At Home

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Is the soaring temperature giving you sleepless nights? Buy decorative high-speed ceiling fans from Polar. Check out some tips to maintain ceiling fans effectively.

One of the most useful but the most neglected appliances at home  is a ceiling fan. When it works just fine we do not pay any heed, but a little faulty performance makes us anxious. Whether you buy the best high-speed ceiling fan or not, periodic maintenance is a must. Over time, your fans will get dusty, and can also get a little bit out of balance. This can make them wobbly and also create a humming sound. 

Hiring a professional to look after household maintenance may seem quite a convenient and easy solution as you do not have to put in the extra effort. But if you think for a while you will realize that you can do most of the tasks by yourself without any professional help. The benefits are you can do it according to your time preference and in the process, you will save quite an amount of money.

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How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

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Do you want your ceiling fans to work perfectly all throughout? Then, buy ceiling fans in India from the best brand and allot time to deep clean them. Here are a few tips for you.

Ceiling fans are the most popular appliance in every Indian household. The tropical weather of the country calls for its excessive usage with the fans spinning every hour of the day in the summer months. It makes the room fresh, airy, and comfortable. 

Whenever there is any problem regarding the proper working of the ceiling fans. The only thing that we do is go to buy another high speed ceiling fan to replace the old ones. But do you know that negligence in keeping the ceiling fans clean can lead to its slowing speed or effective functioning? Yes, it is true that the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grease can make your ceiling fans useless.  Continue reading How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

Trust Your Best Friend In the Kitchen: Powerful Mixer Grinders

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For kitchen appliance online shopping, trust no one except Polar electricals. Prepare your favorite recipes without spending elaborate hours in the kitchen with Polar mixer grinders. 

Someone has rightly pointed out that to win all kitchen battles buying a mixer grinder is the best decision. 

Food forms an important part of Indian culture. Letting anyone leave the house without having food raises questions about the hostess and is often derogatory. The exquisiteness of Indian food is not only limited to the country but is world-famous. But where do you think the magic happens? Ye, it is definitely the kitchen where all the important appliances and the cooking ingredients are. Among all the other appliances used, the one without which it is impossible to run a kitchen is a mixer grinder. 

Life now is so much dependent on gadgets and automated technology that it is impossible to imagine working without them. The need for mixer grinders in the household is supreme. For all your grinding and blending purposes there is no alternative to a mixer grinder. 

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Sleeping With A Ceiling Fan Switched On: What Are The Benefits?

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A must-have appliance for homes, the importance of a high speed low cost ceiling fan can never be neglected. There are some benefits of keeping the fan on all night. Read here. 

Can you imagine surviving the scorching summer heat without turning on your ceiling fan? It seems a scary idea right? Most parts of India experience the uncomfortable, humid,  summer weather that lasts from the end of March to the end of June. Today there are endless options in the market to choose from the type of fan you require- a simple traditional one or a decorative ceiling fan. In fact, you also can avail power saving low cost ceiling fans. 

With the temperature reaching sky high, and even winters getting warmer, ceiling fans are an indispensable asset. It is true that air conditioners have somewhat reduced their popularity but for the majority of users, energy-saving ceiling fans are better than ACs. While all of us are aware that leaving air-conditioners turned on an entire night every single day can be a health risk, what about ceiling fans?

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How To Clean Ceiling Fans? Easy Guidelines For Deep Cleaning

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In the scorching summer heat, maintain your cool by staying indoors under high speed, power saving fans. Know how to make your fans clean with these simple tips.

Summers and ceiling fans go hand in hand. With the advent of the warmer, suffocating months, fans become a crucial part of any household.  For superior functionality, we always search for the best online electrical brand to purchase quality products. But one thing that we should keep in mind is for prolonged use of any electric appliance, it is important to pay attention to its maintenance. Cleaning a ceiling fan will not only remove the dirt and grease but will also improve the efficiency of the fan. 

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A Handy Guide to Choose The Right Ceiling Fans For Your Room

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With winter almost vanishing, it is time to start preparing your house for summers. Purchase ceiling fans of superior quality from the best online electrical appliance brand.

In tropical countries like India, high temperatures during summers make flashing headlines. No matter where you are, the scorching high-temperature rise is enough to make you sweat profusely. 

Are you looking to exchange your existing ceiling fan or want to purchase a new one? We know there is no dearth of options in the market and at times the choices can be overwhelming. So, to help you select the best power saving high speed ceiling fan for your home, we have some important guidelines that you can go through. 

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